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Beyond Detox: Unwrap Glowing Skin with Phytomer Body Wraps at SLMA Skin Bar

Have you ever craved skin that whispers silk and radiates like moonlight on the ocean? Leave restrictive diets and endless gym sessions behind. Your secret to luminous skin lies in a luxurious dive into Phytomer body wraps at SLMA Skin Bar.

These aren't just spa treatments; they're exquisite fusions of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science, infused with the potent magic of the sea. Born in 1972 on the rugged coast of Brittany, France, Phytomer's story is woven with the rhythm of the tides. Dr. Jean-Claude Le Gall, a visionary marine biologist, stumbled upon the incredible properties of marine algae while researching seawater's healing potential. He didn't just find a scientific breakthrough; he discovered nature's hidden treasure, a symphony of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants waiting to unlock a new era of skincare.

Today, Phytomer stands as a beacon of marine-based innovation, offering a symphony of body wraps tailored to your desires. Whether you yearn for deep detoxification, intense hydration, or sculpted confidence, a Phytomer masterpiece awaits:

Firmness Redefined

Bid adieu to loose skin and hello to a newfound spring in your step! The Body Firming Massage & Wrap utilizes a refreshing gel brimming with marine collagen boosters. This oceanic cocktail gently massages and infuses your tissues, tightening them with each touch. Combat sagging and reveal a visibly firmer silhouette, ready to carry you with newfound confidence.

Detoxify and Renew

Craving a head-to-toe reset? The Marine Detox Wrap is your haven. Imagine a cool, enveloping embrace of mineral-rich seaweed gel. As it detoxifies, this wrap draws out impurities, leaving your skin refreshed, revitalized, and radiant. It's the ultimate escape for a complete mind-body rejuvenation.

Sculpt Your Dream Silhouette

Stubborn cellulite and unwanted curves? The P5 Slimming Massage & Wrap is here to empower you. This potent duo combines a powerful gel formula packed with marine fat-busting ingredients with expert massage techniques. Imagine skilled hands working alongside the gel's magic, breaking down fat deposits, reshaping contours, and leaving you feeling confident and sculpted in your own skin.

Embrace the Heat Zone

For those seeking targeted results, the Sculpt Zone Heated Cellulite Body Wrap is your answer. This innovative treatment uses a self-heating wrap infused with algae and potent botanical extracts. As the gentle warmth penetrates, it works to break down cellulite and tighten tissues, revealing a smoother, more contoured silhouette. It's a targeted heat treatment for those who want to see the results, one inch at a time.

Discover your Best Skin

Whether you yearn for detox, firmness, or sculpting, there's a Phytomer masterpiece at SLMA Skin Bar waiting to work its magic. Book your journey to radiant beauty today and unlock the power of the sea.


But the benefits of Phytomer wraps extend far beyond the physical. Each treatment is a sensory journey, transporting you to a tranquil seaside haven. Imagine inhaling the invigorating scent of ocean air, feeling the gentle pressure of the wrap cocooning your body, and listening to the calming sounds of waves lapping at the shore. It's pure pampering with a touch of ocean magic.

Ready to embark on your Phytomer transformation? Book your appointment at SLMA Skin Bar today and experience the difference for yourself. Call us at (985) 219-7546 or visit our website to discover a world of marine-infused beauty.

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