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Illuminati Card Game Cards Pdf Download




You are able to form any three groups that you like, by selecting from one of the cards at random. You can keep using the same card until you have 3 groups of your choice. Then you can add as many cards as you like to your Groups, by taking random cards from any of the groups that you have in play. You can add cards from your own deck and to that of your opponent. You can also take cards from their hand. Cards you do not want to discard, you simply discard them. You win the game if you have a greater number of cards in each of your Groups, than your opponent. In our game we decided to make the first set of 3 Illuminati cards, represent the 3 major groups of the society. We then made a second set of cards represent the 5 other groups. We then decided that each time you go through a hand, you draw the same number of cards that you have remaining in that hand. In effect, this means that every card in the game is once in play and once in your hand. You can take up to 8 cards from your hand to replenish your hand. Every time you draw an Illuminati card, you must also draw a card from the pool of Illuminati cards. At the end of each round you must give a card from your hand to the Illuminati Card pool. In our game we felt that we needed an element of luck in the game, so we decided that all Illuminati cards are of equal value and that we could add more to the pool as the game continued.Knowledge is power when you are responsible for the health of your company. V&V supports clients in their ambitions to improve health and safety and ensure a safe and compliant work environment. We provide practical, evidence based technical solutions as well as support in the areas of H&S management, health and safety, employee relations, employee induction, health and safety education, performance management, inventory control, risk assessment, OH&S compliance, and audits and assessments. Health and Safety Policy Creation Workplace Regulations Health and Safety Management Systems Evaluation of New Work Risk Assessment and Management Internal Audits Health and Safety Assessments Employment Conditions Health and Safety Management Inventory Control Health and Safety Education Carcinogens Fire Prevention Lifting and Handling Fall Prevention Workstation Ergonomics Employee Relations Ergonom



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Illuminati Card Game Cards Pdf Download

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